About PorcelQuick

The PorcelQuick Mission Statement

Laying outdoor paving tiles blurs the line between tiling job and landscaping. As such, there are multiple methods of installation from both sides, based on the traditions from both trades. Here at PorcelQuick we think differently. We think installing paving tiles should be quick and hassle free, with as little damage to your wallet, the planet - and your back - as possible! Remember, all PorcelQuick products are backed by the 25 year guarantee!

Ease of Use

Our aim has always been to design a range of paving installation products so easy to use that everyone, from the the  DIY hero to the landscaping contractor can successfully lay paving like a professional. More than that, we supply complete and comprehensive documentation and guides.


Our systems are designed to dramatically reduce the amount of materials needed for a job - up to 80% in the case of our Adped System! This has knock on positives - firstly - your cost of materials is greatly reduced as you need substantially less. Secondly, the project labour is greatly reduced as you're not lugging heavy materials around!

Eco Friendly Products

We're trying our hardest to limit environmental damage to our planet, and we've started by looking at our carbon footprint. By requiring less materials your job's carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 80%. In addition, our products don't leech harmful chemicals into the environment, meaning you can enjoy the new outdoor space with peace of mind.