Trims and Edgings

Tile Edge & Corner Protection With a Professional Finish

An installer laying light grey  outdoor porcelain paving using the porcelquick adped system

Adped Installation System

Install patio quicker with up-to 80%
less material cost


A quick & stylish solution to profiling outdoor paving tiles (18mm+)

Edge Protection

Keeps tile edges free from chips & impact damage

Hard Wearing

Improve the overall structural integrity of a tiles area

More Hygienic

Non-porous surface makes it difficult for viruses & bacteria to form

Easy to Clean

Stainless steel is wipe clean and easy to maintain

Easy to Install

Easy & quick to install with a sleek & contemporary finish

Time Saving

A fraction of the time & cost of sending tiles away for bullnosing

How do they work?

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Customer Reviews

“They are incredibly easy to use and save a huge amount of time and cost on concrete.“


“Allowed me to have an air gap beneath the patio which allowed me  to install the patio closer to the house's damp proof course.“


“The system was easy to install, allowed me to use significantly less material.“


“All in all, it was well priced, quick, and easy.“